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Inventory management, order fulfillment, returns handling is where our expertise lies. Scale your Ecommerce business by outsourcing logistics.

Ecommerce business, along with its charms and reachability, comes with some hardships as well. Sellers have to build a brand reputation, gain experience with the platform, learn about consumer behaviors and trends to bring a profitable product in to the market. It does not end here. They have to market it, keep track of orders, inventory, and the overall performance of the product. Not only does a 3rd party logistics service take some burden off from you, but is also cheaper. Managing inventories and order fulfillment is where 3PL Fulfillment Prep comes in.

With our automatic order fulfillment system, we ensure efficient and precise pick and pack services. We strictly believe that sellers should be given a moderately lenient environment to sell their products without unnecessary inconveniences. In this regard, 3PL Fulfillment Prep only charges the clients in accordance with the consumption of services. We have no base charges that you have to pay whether you use that service or not. You will only pay for what you use. 

3PL Fulfillment Prep provides fast and efficient services at lowest cost. We have partnered with most reputable carriers which gives us the benefit of reasonable rates and discounts. Hence with low cost and guarantee of safety, not only do we increase the efficiency of your operations but your customers are also satisfied.

With the assistance of a complete and easy to use Warehouse Management Software Solution, we are able to provide hassle free tracking service to our clients. Our warehouse and inventories are equipped with high security systems to guarantee the safety of your products.




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Customized packaging and other prep services to make your product stand out.


Orders are processed without any delay giving you an edge over your competitors.


Handle returns in a seamless manner. We can re-prep or ship back returns to you.



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