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Manage and grow your wholesale or retail business leaving the inventory handling to us.

3PL Fulfillment Prep assists its customers in bridging the gap and facilitate direct selling to wholesalers and retailers. With a lot of options available to retailers, a wholesaler needs to stand out to compete with others. Providing great customer service is one factor that has huge impact on wholesale business success.

3PL Fulfillment Prep can assist you by planning out an effective strategy that costs you as less as possible while maximizing your profits. Located at a prime location in Dallas, our facility is capable of handling high volumes of shipments and orders. Due to strong networking and connections with reliable carriers we are able to provide low rates and efficient services.

Your wholesale business needs to have a good amount of inventory at hand at all times. With increase in demand, you have to scale your business as well, striving for better or at least the same customer satisfaction level. Having unhappy customers will ultimately lead to loss of clients and profits. Order fulfillment is one area where there is a lot of room for what could go wrong and hurt your reputation.

By partnering with us, you are not only outsourcing logistics but are also opening yourself to many scaling options. You can connect your stores from multiple Ecommerce marketplaces and manage all your orders from one centralized panel. You can target more audience for improved sales without worrying about your logistics capacity. Because with us, sky is the limit!

Working with us, you can expect nothing less than perfectness. We will handle your inventory with great professionalism and make you believe that every penny you spend is worth it and is not actually a cost but an investment for your business’s growth.




+1 (646) 620-1035


We will pick and pack your products as instructed. Custom Packaging also available.


You can choose from multiple carriers the one that suits you the best.


Keep your customers and yourself updated with the tracking information.


No MOQs, no hidden fees, no tricky terms, and no long-term contracts.


Customized packaging and other prep services to make your product stand out.


Orders are processed without any delay giving you an edge over your competitors.


Handle returns in a seamless manner. We can re-prep or ship back returns to you.



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